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Welcome to OT360. I’m Margaret Spencer the UK’s largest provider of occupational therapy professional supervision.

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  • Would you like to confirm that your knowledge and skills are up to date, and have the chance to talk through any worries or concerns on a regular basis?
  • Would you like yearly evidence of your CPD which is linked to the HCPC standards, so that you are always ready for audit?
  • Are you motivated, enthusiastic, and passionate about occupational therapy?
  • Do you want to move yourself and the profession forward with positive solutions?
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Margaret Spencer

MA, Dip COT, Cert Ed, HCPC reg
Consultant Occupational Therapy Practitioner 

Providing monthly supervision to OTs in many areas, including:
– Community Falls Prevention, Band 7 London

– Eating Disorders Band 6 Sheffield
– Social Services Band 8 London
– Forensic MH Band 5 Nottingham NHS
– Talent Match NEET Band 7 Leeds
– Older Adult Band 7 Derbyshire
– Health and Wellbeing Coach Band 5 Sheffield
– Forensic LD Band 7 Doncaster
– LD Band 5 Nottinghamshire
– Transgender Band 7 Sheffield NHS
– SYEDA Band 7 Sheffield
– Acquired Brain Injury Band 7 Skye
– Embrace Group Band 5 Liverpool
– OT Associate Band 8 London and Glasgow
– Health and Wellbeing Advisor Shaw Trust Norwich
– Director and Specialist Neuro Occupational Therapist Kent
– Independent Paediatrics Occupational Therapist Band 7 Oxford
– Independent Occupational Therapist and Shiatsu Practitioner Bath
– Regional director Cambian Health Midlands


  • Margaret is a delight to work with: always upbeat, well-informed and no hurdle is insurmountable. I also appreciated that she gave a lot of thought to the lessons and exercises suggested to me, they were tailored to my own particular areas of interest which kept me engaged throughout. She has both a wealth of knowledge and her finger on the pulse of current OT practice. I can only imagine what her office must look like, such is her ability to find just the right article or research paper. With OT360, you’re in the best place possible.

    Gill McMillan – Aviemore Scotland
    Return to Practice package
  • It was great to speak with you on Monday, your enthusiasm for the profession and your positivity towards me has been a real tonic – just what I needed! I’m already on with the actions I set with you- my new journey begins!

    Helena Goodall
  • Margaret has a wealth of experience coupled with an infectious “can do” attitude that leaves you inspired and confident in your own abilities. Following every supervision I have had with Margaret, I have left with a renewed sense of vigour, purpose and direction. She is an excellent clinical supervisor and I could not rate her highly enough.

    Jonathan Parker
    Band 7 Occupational Therapist East Cheshire Housing Association
  • Thanks Margaret for ironing out my crumpled thoughts so expertly, and thanks for patiently listening to me again today, it does really help to talk things through. Your support and guidance has helped to keep me sane during the crazy times at Hamara and kept me on the OT tracks.

    Elizabeth. Band 6 Occupational Therapist
    Specialist Vocational Rehabilitation Occupational Therapist. Leeds, West Yorkshire
  • I really value my time in supervision with Margaret. She brings clarity, focus and perspective to challenging situations which feel overwhelming. Margaret also brings a wealth of experience, information, perspective and humour to challenging clinical and managerial situations.

    Bev Scholefield Band 7 Occupational Therapist
    Specialist in Acquired Brain Injury, Isle of Skye, Scotland
  • Thank you for the kind words. I felt so much better after our Supervision yesterday. It’s amazing how things can weigh on the mind without realising it. Thanks for the recommendation re local care homes and end of life hospitals. I will bear that in mind. I will also give some serious thought to the questions you pose in the email. Thanks for your time Margaret. You are a beacon of light!.

    Greg Tull
    Independent OT and Shiatsu practitioner
  • Margaret’s passion and motivation for Occupational Therapy has been evident throughout and as I have continued to say… ‘Every OT needs a Margaret Spencer in their career!’

    I work within the NHS and have been receiving external supervision from Margaret over the past 5 months. This has been invaluable to my personal and professional development and has enabled me to work through some challenging situations. Margaret has a vast range of knowledge and experience and has supported me to develop insight into the the broader social, economical and political factors within various organisations.

    Margaret has been able to adapt her approach to each supervision session depending on the priority of need for discussion. This has not been restricted to work related issues only and has remained confidential throughout. In addition, Margaret has maintained a high quality service and has ensured that sessions have been documented and tailored to HCPC requirements when evidencing continuing professional development.

    I would highly recommend Margaret’s service to anyone wanting to either gain further support, whether that be in the NHS or private sector, develop a service, or to establish a career pathway. Margaret has enabled me to reflect on both my current role and previous roles, within a calm and supportive environment, to begin to think about how I wish to progress within my career.

    Annie Connor
    Band 5 Occupational Therapist
    Mental Health
  • Brilliant Supervision! Thank you for agreeing to work with me. It is great to talk to you, I’ve been feeling really positive about my professional contribution at work since the sessions began.

    You are at the forefront of what’s happening in Occupational Therapy and cover the whole spectrum. Not afraid to suggest or question, it’s just what I’ve needed.

    Its amazing how many ideas and thoughts come up for me in the days after seeing you. I can’t thank you enough for giving me the time, space and advice to put together a great initial strategy!

    Thanks very much.

    Paula Widdowson
    Band 7 Active therapy services North West and East England
  • Thanks Margaret. that was a really helpful supervision session. I feel re-energised now and it’s nice to have specifics to focus on. Thanks again.

    Faith Newton
    Band 7 Glasgow Scotland
  • I have always found Margaret to be very holistic in her approach during supervision. She is especially able to looks at things from different perspectives and take into account all factors, which has been a great help and source of encouragement

    Rebekah Ali
    Band 6 Occupational Therapist
    Riverside Grange Eating Disorders Hospital Sheffield
  • I received clinical supervision from Margaret Spencer in my first role as a newly qualified OT. During this time I was experiencing challenges defining my role and responsibilities within a team who were unfamiliar with Occupational Therapy. Margaret’s guidance and support during this time was invaluable. Supervision was allocated to two hours per month, however I wholeheartedly felt as though Margaret was with me every step of the way. Her knowledge, resilience and passion for OT is an inspiration and I hope to have the opportunity to work with Margaret again during my OT career.

    A lady who effortlessly goes the extra mile.

    Band 5 Occupational Therapist Cheshire
  • My professional supervision from Margaret Spencer has been instrumental in enabling me to successfully meet the challenges of establishing two OT services within the Third Sector and beginning a career as an independent practitioner. The invaluable support and guidance received has empowered me with confidence during my transition from student to practitioner and to promote the profession in developing areas.

    Margaret provides a thoroughly inspirational, high quality service which I would recommend to any professional seeking external professional and/or clinical supervision.

    Chris Wainwright
    Independent Practitioner Sheffield
  • Thanks again for all your help with the editing, wouldn’t be as good without your guidance, much appreciated. Pleased you like first release version, some of the credit has to go to you, not only for the guidance but also encouragement.

    Wilf Parsons
    Sex and Relationships Animator London
  • I think the key things are having someone external to listen and vailIdate my concerns as well as always championing me to be the best OT I can be! I love your thoughts and thank you again for everything – honestly I wouldn’t have gotten through the 3 months without your sound advice and support!

    Tara Whiteford
    Band 7 Occupational Therapist – Paediatrics & Developer
    Look Hear Australia
  • Receiving clinical supervision from Margaret is a bit like going in as economy concentrated OJ and coming away as freshly squeezed Valencia orange juice with juicy bits in a fancy glass and a cocktail umbrella!

    It has been enriching, refreshing, rewarding and enlightening. Margaret has supported me through an incredibly challenging time in a minority role working for the local authority where OT was massively undervalued and misunderstood. She helped me keep clarity and remain composed. She helped me recognise my skills and achievements operating in austerity and offered comfort and solace that I was on track in providing the best OT service I could achieve in the context – she restored my faith and kept me going!

    She went above and beyond to offer clinical and emotional support often speaking to me outside of working hours and helping me focus on my overall professional development.

    Hannah Bedford
    Band 6 Sheffield South Yorkshire
  • I am an Independent Occupational Therapist, Pilates Teacher, and Nursery Nurse. Margaret has mentored me for the last 5 years as I have embarked on my independent career journey. Margaret has supported, listened and understood me throughout every stage, always with a positive, creative and realistic approach.

    I greatly appreciate her depth of experience, especially with ideas and information she shares with me, and encouraging my confidence to take them forward. Margaret always encourages integration of litigation, professional standards and conduct, evidence based practise, and CPD into the sessions.

    I have found Margaret to be an excellent mentor. She mentors me as a whole person, understands who I am. I cannot thank her highly enough for the help she continues to give me.

    Liza Bingley
    Band 7 Occupational Therapist
    NHS Older Adults Falls Service, London
  • I met Margaret several years ago when supporting students on placement and when the time came that I needed to outsource for supervision there was immediately one name that came to mind.

    Margaret provided me with clinical supervision which was a safe space to work through my current situation and consider any issues with an OT specific slant.

    Margaret is such a warm and open personality that it was easy to build a therapeutic rapport. It was also extremely useful to have the supervision documented and linked to HCPC standards. I would not hesitate in recommending Margarets services to others.

    Emma Crowcroft
    Regional Director of Occupational Therapy CAS Behavioural Health Midlands
  • Working with Margaret was a positive experience for me at a time in my career when I had reached a low point, she was easy to talk to and a good listener. I needed affirmation that I was not wrong in how I felt and she helped me to put these negative experiences behind me and start to move on.

    Melanie Larkin
    Band 7 Occupational Therapist Social Services, Kent
  • Margaret has been an invaluable support as I transitioned into independent practice and built my business over the last couple of years.

    Regular supervision has given me the opportunity to have a space to discuss ideas and get clarity on what I want to do, and having Margaret as a sounding board reminds me that I do have the skill set to achieve what I want.

    It’s helped me push forward when I naturally want to hesitate, and I don’t think I would have gotten this far (or not nearly as quickly) without Margaret’s encouragement.

    Kimann Jones
    London Independent Occupational Therapist and Yoga Teacher
  • Supervision has been a must-have support for me. Starting and developing an OT service within a company without OT can, and has been at times, a challenging experience. Although there has been great support from my place of work it is good to talk through ideas and to problem-solve issues arising with someone from the same professional background.

    Sometimes working as a lone OT, it’s difficult to know if you are doing the right thing and supervision does help to put things into perspective. I’m 4 years down the line in developing the service from scratch and now have a thriving OT service which is ever changing and developing for the better. The supervision I have had from Margaret has been integral to this.

    Supervision has helped to keep me sane

    Tracy Smith
    Head Occupational Therapist
    Forensic Learning Disabilities, Exemplar Health Care, Doncaster

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