Occupational Therapy Supervision

OT 360 Supervision – what I can do for you

OT Supervision

I am Senior Lecturer in Occupational Therapy at Sheffield Hallam University. As such I have been at the cutting edge of OT theory and practice for over a quarter of a century. Outside of my academic responsibilities, I am a leading Consultant Occupational Therapist.

I own and run OT360, a company providing collaborative, consulting and clinical services to practicing Occupational Therapists, health sector providers and commissioning Trusts. OT360 offers tailored and personalised professional supervision – including evidence for HCPC audit – aimed at the entire profession, from newly qualified clinicians to advanced clinical specialists

I will provide personal and professional Occupational Therapy supervision that is uniquely tailored to your prioritised needs, at the current time, within the framework of your organisation, or personal portfolio.

I engage in a collaborative approach to Occupational Therapy supervision, which relies on honest and open communication underpinned by trust and a non-judgemental approach to ensure the best supervision for you and your service, and most importantly your patients/service users/clients.


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