Feel the fear and go to the interview feeling great

This is the third blog in a series of three in which we walk through the steps of the interview process. Applying for a job, preparing for the interview and finally this blog your performance at the interview.

To bring you up to speed.. you saw the advert, read the job description produced a high quality application that highlighted all of the key qualities that the post required, you were shortlisted and now you have been invited for interview, for which you are prepped and ready to go.

So before the big day dawns yet more preparation.

Where is the interview? If it’s local then you can go to the location, if possible, go at the same time as you will need to go for the interview. This will help with timing and make sure you are not doing a handbrake turn in to building seconds before your interview.

It’s always a good idea to have a visit if possible before the interview for the reasons just mentioned but also to get more information to help with your preparation and so the environment feels more familiar. It will also mean you have tried the route, know where to park or where to get off and on the bus. You will realise how long the journey takes, and if it’s an additional ten min walk once in the building, where the toilets are etc etc. If you can’t manage any of these don’t worry you can do as much detective work as possible via information on the website, and leave contingency time.

The big day arrives, your clothes are washed are ready, they don’t have to be expensive as long as they are clean and ironed. You need look like you have made an effort and not just rolled out of bed! Your route is already planned so you know the time it takes for the car or bus and you arrive with 15mins to spare, perfect.

Your name is called, deep breath you walk to the room sit down and the interview begins.

Here are a few things to remember…..

be yourself, you are the unique person they have selected.

it’s fine to say, ‘I am a bit nervous, I have brought my notes/questions etc’.

if you haven’t heard, or don’t understand the question, always ask for clarification, it’s much better than bluffing and not answering.

to sit up straight, maintain eye contact, and don’t fidget, it’s distracting.

this is your time to shine, tell them why you want to work there, and what you can bring within the answers to the questions

the interviewers are writing notes to remember what you say, don’t let it put you off.

the interviewers may be nervous too.

they asked you to interview, so they are interested in what you have to say.

to try and ask a question at the end if there is an opportunity it shows and understanding and interest in the job and organisation.

I wish you luck. If you get the job congratulations, if not, dust yourself down, ask for feedback and move on with a positive plan.

Any comments, suggestions please don’t hesitate to get in contact margaret@ot360.

I would love to hear how it went.

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